A bespoke and unique  way to help you with the honeymoon of a lifetime.
The world is changing. While more and more exotic and far-flung destinations are becoming reachable and affordable, the way in which we choose to pay for our dream holiday has changed. Trends also show that many of us are getting married later in life, at a time when, generally speaking, we already possess many of the useful household items which tend to be at the top of most wedding lists: towels, corkscrews, chopping boards and glasses.
To address this issue, The Turquoise Holiday Company has created a novel solution: The Honeymoon Gift List.

Since it launched, we’ve had an excellent response, both from the lucky recipients and the guests who are buying the gift. After all, who wants to buy a kettle when you could buy a romantic sunset cruise instead? The Honeymoon Gift List idea is simplicity itself. As the lucky couple, you book your honeymoon with The Turquoise Holiday Company and pay the appropriate deposit in-line with our booking conditions. Our dedicated team will then set up your gift list (on request), suggest bespoke experiences for your honeymoon destination and send you a supply of gift list cards. You simply insert your unique gift list number on the cards and dispatch them to your friends and family. They can then contribute towards the unique experiences which you will have selected on your personal Honeymoon Gift List or add a cash contribution, where the money can be used towards your honeymoon booking or for spending money whilst you are away. The Gift List remains open until you depart on your honeymoon but this is flexible, so you tell us! Ultimately, the Wedding Gift List Service is tailor-made to you so whether you are in need of some inspiration or need help making your honeymoon dreams come true,  just let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!

Top Ten Tips!

1- Make your Gift List as bespoke as possible for your guests and yourselves.
2- Create some gifts that are personal to you both.
3- The cash contribution option is there for your guests who would like to contribute to the overall cost of the honeymoon rather than contribute towards a gift experience.
4- Add a welcome message telling your guests where you’re going and any other information that you would like to include.
5- Add at least one image of you and your fiancé. If possible, add photos of you both with friends and family.
6- Choose from a selection of amazing experiences suggested by Turquoise’s Gift List Team for your guests to chose from and contribute towards.
7- Send e-postcards from your honeymoon with pictures.
8- Upload all of your photos of the wedding and honeymoon when you get back.
9- Print off all the contribution details and use them to write thank-you cards.
10- Let us know if you would like to book any of the gifts or if you would like the total amount refunded back to you. Enjoy your honeymoon of a lifetime.

If you would like any more information about our honeymoon gift list then please feel free to contact the team at [email protected] or phone call on 01494 678400.


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