Continuing with our summer holiday inspiration, for those who are planning their escapes, we’ve got a few recommendations for August luxury holidays and honeymoons. August is another very popular month for luxury holidays. It’s very warm in the northern hemisphere, schools are still on holiday, and many people are a bit restless and ready for an amazing break. August delivers precisely that, and some great value besides.

Since it’s getting hot here in the northern hemisphere, it’s not a bad time to head down south, where it’s winter. South Africa is surprisingly delightful in winter; it can be quite chilly, but the sparse grasslands mean that it will be easier to see a wider variety of animals. Plus, you can go whale watching – August is right in the middle of the season, which makes it the perfect time to spot some of these incredible, majestic mammals. Johannesburg and Cape Town are wonderful cities for all seasons, so don’t skip this option just because it’s winter. Just like July, safaris remain fantastic in Kenya as the wildebeest migration is ongoing.

While August is actually an off-season month in many places, this also makes it the perfect choice for holidaymakers looking for a deal. For many of our destinations, off-season does not actually mean weather is that bad. For example, in the Maldives, you won’t find that it rains all day, every day. In fact, you may experience more tropical showers, but they’re likely to be short and mild, so you can still find yourself laying out on the beach for most of the day.

Those destinations in high season are largely Asian destinations. Bali in Indonesia is hot and sunny during this period, perfect for honeymooners. Bali is not an overly expensive destination to start with either, with very good value for money across a huge number of resorts. With a mix of funky and luxury resorts and spotless beaches, Bali is a dream destination for many.

Singapore is hot and sticky all year round, but remains a fantastic destination that is simply a delight for tourists. With a diverse culture of influences ranging from Chinese, Malay, Indian, and even English, Singapore is incredibly refreshing. With lots of shopping available and a busy nightlife, Singapore is a perfect pair for beachy Bali.

For a little more Asian splendour, why not head to Thailand? This has become a wonderful destination for beach and culture lovers alike, with a series of resorts on powdery white beaches combined with lively and charming cities. You don’t even need to leave the country to have a twin centre holiday in Thailand – just combine a stay in busy Bangkok, perhaps at the Metropolitan, with a relaxing resort in Koh Samui or Phuket.

If you’re thinking about planning a holiday for this August, just give us a call; we’ll plan your trip to your exact specifications. We’re available on 01494 678 400 and at [email protected] and always happy to talk!


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