The day you arrive on holiday is always very special, sometimes a little surreal, awash with excitement and anticipation. Suddenly we have gone from looking at that picture-perfect image in the brochure, to physically being in it – feeling our toes in the sand, listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean, smelling that sweet frangipani scent that we’ve dreamed of for months on end. Our hearts are jumping for joy and telling us to get out there, to explore and embrace our surroundings, yet our heads are screaming with a burning desire to hit the pillow. Ah yes, jet lag, we forgot about you.

So, the question is, how do we beat the dreaded jet lag? I caught up with our team of seasoned travel professionals to give you the latest low-down on how they cope with weary bodies and hazy brains. You’ll see the unanimous top tip is to get straight into the time zone you’re travelling to. Beyond that, it’s a mix of eating, drinking and sleeping right, with a dose of fresh air and a splash of pampering…

Time Zone

‘Set your watch to the time at your destination as soon as you board the plane’ Suzy

‘Keep hydrated and switch to the new time zone straight away’ Tessa

‘Change your watch to your destination time once you board the aircraft and try to sleep at the right times when you are in the air. Once you’ve landed, try to keep going until bedtime and you should wake as fresh as a daisy!’ Catherine

‘My top tip is to set you watch to the time zone you are flying to – then eat / sleep etc. to that schedule. I find I feel more refreshed having already been on the ‘correct’ time zone’ Michelle

‘Set your watch to the local time before you get on a flight, and try and eat and sleep at the correct timings of where you’re going! Also, if you arrive during the day – try and stay awake for as long as possible, so that your first night can be more restful!’ Caroline

‘Adapt as quickly as you can to the destination you’re in. If it’s night time get yourself to bed, if it’s morning time, do everything you can to power through’ Carolyn

‘For me I always say get straight on the local time and don’t pretend or go by UK time! That way you’ll go to bed at the proper time and should wake up as normal!’ Lisa

Stay Awake

‘Don’t sleep until at least 10pm local time’ Ben

‘Fight the urge to nap when you at arrive at your destination, and stay awake until about 9pm. If you wake up early, take advantage of this, watch the sunrise and then enjoy a swim before everyone else gets up!’ Suzy

Start Exploring

‘Get out and about, enjoy the first day, and go to bed at your normal time, usually works wonders for me when I head to the far east or even down to Australia!’ Daisy

‘On the day you land arrange a tour to keep you busy. Usually you’ll be so excited to be there anyway that you’ll fill your day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt to the new time if you have a good sleep on that first night’ Rachel

Eat Smart

‘Always eat the right meal at the right time – no cheeseburger for breakfast or cornflakes for supper… no matter how much your craving it’ Sharon

Stay Hydrated

‘Drink LOTS of water when you fly and no caffeine’ Willa

 ‘Take your own refillable water bottle so you don’t have to wait on the attendants to bring you a tiny cup every hour or so! Being hydrated helps you to sleep’ Fiona

Spa O’clock

‘This is an easy one! A jet lag massage on the day I arrive at the hotel – the perfect cure!!’ Lyndsey

 Work out

‘I find a good workout in the gym, or whatever your usual routine might be, the night you arrive or the following morning helps reset your clock. It tricks your body’ Lizzie

‘I find that exercise is the only thing that helps. A good run in the morning or evening helps me’ Tom

Go Swimming

‘Get moving when you arrive, go for a walk to get your bearings and have a dip in the pool to freshen up and snap your body back into an active state!’ Fiona

‘Have a lovely refreshing swim in the sea if possible’ Susan

Fresh Air

‘Get some light and fresh air – a bit of daylight works wonders at convincing your tired brain you should be awake, even if you have been up for 24+ hours’ Sharon


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