When I think of wintering in the Caribbean, I imagine beautiful people in beautiful yachts, fleeing the cooling waters of the Mediterranean for the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Each island is unique, meaning most have a core of fiercely loyal followers, returning each year as part of the island’s family. There are a few things guaranteed across all islands however; tropical sun, mouth-watering cuisine and bright vibrant colours like no other destination I know.

From passionate pinks and zesty oranges to sunshine yellows and every pantone of turquoise possible, colour paints the Caribbean’s charm on every building, billboard and beach. It’s in the flowers, the food and in the nature of the locals themselves, full of stories, smiles and an abundance of friendliness.

The Caribbean is a collection of 26 countries, each and every one makes you feel alive like no other. Today I daydream of having my toes in the sand, watching the sun set, with a cold local beer in hand, drunk straight from the bottle. With a side of salt fish fritters. Vast velvety palm tree shadows cast onto the make shift beach-cricket pitch in front of us and beyond, the sounds of laughter as locals and visitors return home from another sun kissed day.

So, whether you’re in the Mediterranean with a boat or like me, in the UK and desperate to escape to the sun this winter, Turquoise invites you to experience the Caribbean. We have just launched our first ever dedicated Caribbean brochure to inspire and ignite, each page packed with the colour and charm of the very islands stories it holds.

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